Egg Laying Cage

Egg Laying Cage

Catalogue No. – 17027
Best suitable for labs & research centers, these cages are perfectly designed & manufactured, thus satisfying the user. Overall Size : 35x25x18cm. Frame made of MDF
sheet planks. Fine wire mesh provided on top & bottom. On one corner on top, a rounded opening 3 cm dia is provided which can be closed with wooden plug. On one side, a rounded opening 11 cm with an arrangement for drop closure with the help of MDF sheet cover is provided for manually putting in/taking out the material. [table “17027” not found /]


An egg-laying cage is a specially designed housing unit used in poultry farming to keep egg-laying hens in a controlled environment. These cages are typically made of wire mesh or steel bars and are arranged in a stacked or tiered configuration, with each tier containing several individual cages.

Egg-laying cages are designed to provide a comfortable and safe living space for hens while also maximizing egg production. The cages are equipped with feeding and watering systems, as well as egg collection belts or trays that allow for easy and efficient egg harvesting.

Egg-laying cages may be used in both commercial and backyard farming operations and are popular because they allow for efficient use of space and resources. They also help to prevent the spread of disease and can improve the overall health and well-being of the hens by providing a controlled environment with proper ventilation and lighting.

However, egg-laying cages have also been criticized by some animal welfare groups for their confinement of hens and lack of space for movement or natural behaviors. As a result, alternative housing systems, such as free-range or enriched colony systems, are becoming more popular in some areas.