Joule’s Calorimeter

Joule’s Calorimeter

Catalogue No. – 16108
double wall, AluminiumThe inner
and outer walls are made from
Aluminium. It can also be made
available in Copper. It has a Bakelite
lid fitted with a rubber stopper for
thermometer and a metal stirrer.

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Joule’s Calorimeter is a laboratory instrument used to measure the amount of heat released or absorbed during a chemical reaction or physical change. The device was first designed by James Prescott Joule in the 1840s and is still used today in various forms. The calorimeter consists of a metal container or vessel that is filled with a measured amount of water.

The vessel is insulated to prevent heat loss or gain to the surroundings. A sample of the substance to be studied is introduced into the water, and any heat released or absorbed is measured by observing the change in temperature of the water. The heat capacity of the calorimeter is known, so the amount of heat released or absorbed by the sample can be calculated using the change in temperature of the water and the heat capacity of the calorimeter.

Joule’s Calorimeter is commonly used in chemistry, biochemistry, and material science research to measure the heat of combustion, the heat of formation, and other thermodynamic properties of substances. The device can also be used to study the specific heat capacity of materials and to determine the efficiency of heating and cooling systems.