Steam Heater / Generator

Steam Heater / Generator

Catalogue No. – 16111
cylindrical copper vessel 18 x 10cm
(ht x dia) with filling tube, steam vent
and vertical tube. There is brass tube,
sliding fit in the central tube to carry
thermometer. Lower end is cut at an
angle to seal the chute.

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A lab steam heater is a device used to heat fluids or gases by transferring heat from steam. The heater consists of a tube or series of tubes that are immersed in a container or flow chamber containing the fluid or gas to be heated. Steam is then passed through the tubes, transferring its heat to the surrounding fluid or gas.

The heated fluid or gas can then be used for various purposes, such as in chemical reactions, industrial processes, or heating systems. Steam heaters are commonly used in laboratories and industrial settings due to their efficiency and versatility. They can be designed for a range of flow rates and temperatures and can be used to heat a variety of fluids and gases. The design and materials of the steam heater can be tailored to meet specific process requirements, such as the need for corrosion resistance or high-pressure capabilities.