Masses Set, Analytical

Masses Set, Analytical

Catalogue No. – 16002
Polished Brass, nicely packed in a
polished wooden box, also contains
fractional weight box.

Catalogue No.Weight
16002/011mg to 200mg
16002/021mg to 500mg
16002/031mg to 1000mg
16002/041mg to 2000mg


An analytical masses set is a laboratory apparatus used in analytical chemistry and other scientific fields to measure the weight or mass of substances with high precision.

The set typically includes a range of individual masses that can be combined to achieve a desired weight or mass, with each mass having a known weight and precision value. Analytical masses sets are usually made of materials with low thermal expansion coefficient, such as stainless steel or aluminum, to minimize changes in mass due to temperature changes.

To use an analytical masses set, the individual masses are added or removed from a balance or scale until the desired weight or mass is achieved. The balance or scale used with an analytical masses set is typically more precise and sensitive than those used with other types of masses sets, and may be enclosed in a draft shield to protect it from air currents and other disturbances.

Analytical masses sets are commonly used in analytical chemistry and pharmaceutical laboratories for precise measurements in titrations, quality control, and other applications where accurate mass determination is critical. They may also be used in physics and engineering laboratories for high-precision measurements of forces and other quantities.