Insect Specimen Tube Box

Insect Specimen Tube Box

Catalogue No. – 17038
Teakwood frame with MDF sheet top & bottom is finished in spirit polish.
Fitted with hinges, clips & index card holder. MDF sheet with 20 apertures for 3 [table “17038” not found /]


An insect specimen tube box is a specialized container used to store and transport insect specimens. The box is designed to protect the specimens from damage, moisture, and other environmental factors, and to keep them organized and easily accessible for study or analysis.

The insect specimen tube box typically consists of a sturdy plastic or cardboard box with a series of small, transparent tubes inside. The tubes are designed to hold individual insect specimens and are often fitted with a screw-on cap or stopper to keep the specimens secure.

The box may also be equipped with a label or index system to help keep track of the specimens and their associated data, such as species name, collection date, and location. This information is important for research and documentation purposes.

Insect specimen tube boxes are commonly used in entomology and related fields to collect, store, and transport insect specimens for study or analysis. They are often used in fieldwork, where specimens are collected in the wild and transported back to the laboratory for further study.

Insect specimen tube boxes are an essential tool for researchers and students working in the field of entomology, providing a safe and convenient way to collect, store, and study insect specimens. They help to advance our understanding of the diversity and biology of insects and to promote the conservation and management of these important and fascinating creatures.