Hoffman Voltameter Apparatus

Hoffman Voltameter Apparatus

Hoffman Voltameter or Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus

  • Includes Carbon and Platinum Electrodes
  • With PTFE – Key Stopcocks
  • Includes Glass and Metal Parts


The Hoffman Voltameter Apparatus comes with Medilab Retort Stand, Clamps and Electrodes of Carbon and Platinum, including the Glass Part.

This apparatus is used to demonstrate the chemical composition of Water.


The Hoffman Voltameter Apparatus, also known as a Hoffman Electrolytic Apparatus, is a laboratory setup used for the determination of specific ions in a solution. It is a type of voltameter, which is an instrument used to measure the quantity of ions in solution by using an electrochemical reaction.

The apparatus typically consists of a three-electrode system, including a working electrode, a reference electrode, and a counter electrode, as well as a power source and a recorder. The sample solution is introduced into the apparatus, and the working electrode reacts with the ions in the solution, causing an electrical current to flow between the working electrode and the counter electrode.

The magnitude of the current is proportional to the concentration of ions in the solution, and the data is recorded by the recorder. The Hoffman Voltameter Apparatus is used in a variety of applications, including the determination of metal ions, the study of corrosion processes, and the analysis of environmental pollutants.