Glass Dropper, with Rubber Teat

Glass Dropper, with Rubber Teat

Glass Dropper, with Rubber Teat, is mainly used with a dropping bottle for controlled pouring of liquids. The dropper is made from borosilicate glass 3.3

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A glass dropper with a rubber teat is a laboratory tool used for dispensing small and precise volumes of liquids. The dropper consists of a glass tube with a rubber teat at one end and a cap at the other. The rubber teat allows for easy and controlled dispensing of liquids, while the glass construction allows for clear visibility of the liquid being dispensed.

The cap can be used to seal the dropper and prevent evaporation or contamination of the liquid. Glass droppers with rubber teats are commonly used in various laboratory and industrial applications, including chemical analysis, solution preparation, and quality control testing.

The precision and ease of use of the glass dropper make it a valuable tool for many types of liquid handling tasks.