Funnels, Long Stem, PP

Funnels, Long Stem, PP

These long stem funnels have smooth walls, 60 cone angle and external ribs to prevent air lock. Moulded in polypropylene, these clear funnels can also be steam autoclaved.

Material : polypropylene

Catalogue No.SizePacking
12035/01100 mm36 Pcs.
12035/02150 mm12 Pcs.
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A long stem funnel made of polypropylene (PP) is a laboratory apparatus used for transferring liquids into containers with small openings. The long stem allows for greater control during pouring and helps to prevent spillages. PP is a popular material for funnels as it is durable, lightweight, and resistant to chemicals commonly used in the laboratory.

Additionally, polypropylene is chemically resistant and can be used with a wide range of liquids without risk of contamination or corrosion.