Fraction Circle

Fraction Circle

Catalogue No. – 19264
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A Lab Fraction Circle is a teaching aid used in mathematics education to help students understand and learn about fractions. It is a circular disc or template that is divided into equal parts or sections, each representing a fraction.

The Lab Fraction Circle typically comes with a set of manipulatives or markers that can be placed on the circle to represent a specific fraction. For example, students can place markers on the circle to show a half, a quarter, or any other fraction. The students can then use the fraction circle to visualize and understand the concept of fractions, and to learn about fraction equivalence, addition, subtraction, and other mathematical operations.

The Lab Fraction Circle is a hands-on and interactive tool that can help students to visualize and understand mathematical concepts in a concrete and engaging way. It can also be used to demonstrate and reinforce mathematical concepts, and can provide students with a deeper understanding of mathematical relationships.

This teaching aid is typically used in primary and secondary schools, and can be a valuable resource for teachers, students, and parents. It is an effective tool for building mathematical skills and confidence, and can help to make learning math more enjoyable and engaging.