Eye Pieces

Eye Pieces

Catalogue No. -15061

 It is the part of the microscope that magnifies the image produced by the microscope’s objective so that it can be seen by the human eye.


Eyepieces, also known as ocular lenses, are one of the two lenses in a microscope that are used for viewing specimens. They are positioned at the top of the microscope tube and are where the user places their eyes when looking through the microscope. Eyepieces come in different magnifications, such as 5x, 10x, or 15x, and can be interchanged depending on the desired level of magnification.

Some eyepieces also have additional features, such as a reticle, which is a small scale or ruler within the eyepiece that can be used to measure the size of a specimen. Eyepieces can also be designed with different eye relief distances to accommodate users who wear glasses or contact lenses.