Achromatic Objectives

Achromatic Objectives

Catalogue No. -15062


Achromatic objectives are lenses used in microscopy to produce images that are free of chromatic aberration, which is a type of distortion that causes different colors to focus at different points. Achromatic objectives are designed to bring two wavelengths of light into focus at the same point, which results in clearer, sharper images with more accurate colors.

They consist of two lenses made of different types of glass with different refractive indices, which correct for chromatic aberration. Achromatic objectives are commonly used in research and clinical laboratories for a variety of applications, including histology, pathology, and microbiology.

They are available in a range of magnifications and are often used in combination with other objectives to provide a range of magnification options for microscopy. Achromatic objectives are a standard component of most modern microscopes and are essential for producing high-quality, accurate images.