Dynamic Trolley

Dynamic Trolley

Catalogue No. – 16015
wooden trolley with three wheels fitted on
ball bearings and spring-loaded exploder plunger, activated by a trigger

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A lab dynamic trolley is a device used in physics experiments to study the principles of motion, force, and energy. It consists of a small cart or trolley equipped with a mechanism for creating motion, such as a spring-loaded plunger, and a track or surface on which the trolley can move.

The trolley may also have sensors or instruments for measuring motion, force, and energy, such as accelerometers, force sensors, or photogates. By varying the initial conditions, such as the position and velocity of the trolley, and measuring the resulting motion and forces, researchers can study the effects of different variables and test theories and hypotheses about the principles of physics.

Lab dynamic trolleys may be used in a variety of physics experiments, including those involving collisions, momentum, and energy conservation.