Triple Beam Balance

Triple Beam Balance

Catalogue No. – 16017
a single pan balance with 3 beams with
center indicating sliding masses, capacity 610gm. Capacity can be
extended to 2610gm with supplementary masses of iron chrome plated-
1kg, 500gm, 200gm, 100gm. Beams: i) 0-500gm x 100gm, ii) 0-100gm
x 10gm, iii) 0-10gm x 0.1gm.

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A triple beam balance is a type of mechanical weighing instrument used for measuring the mass of an object. It consists of a beam supported on a fulcrum, with three parallel beams attached to the top of the beam, each with a sliding weight. The first beam has a 10-gram counterweight at its far end, which is used to zero the balance. The second beam has a 500-gram weight that can be moved along the beam to adjust the balance. The third beam has a 100-gram weight that can also be moved along the beam. By moving the sliding weights on each beam, the user can achieve precise measurements of mass.

Triple beam balances are commonly used in educational settings such as high school science labs for basic measurements of chemicals, powders, and other materials. They are also used in some commercial settings for weighing items like jewelry, precious metals, and small amounts of chemicals.