Dropping Bottle

Dropping Bottle

Catalogue No. – 19044
TK pattern, soda glass, clear/amber color

Catalogue No.Capacity ml


A dropping bottle is a laboratory tool used for dispensing small volumes of liquid, usually less than 10 milliliters. The bottle consists of a small glass container with a narrow neck and a glass or plastic dropper attached to the cap. The dropper can be squeezed and released to control the flow of liquid from the bottle.

The dropping bottle is commonly used in chemistry, biology, and microbiology for various applications, such as the addition of reagents, stains, or indicators to a solution or a sample. They are also used in medical and pharmaceutical industries for dispensing drugs or chemicals.

The use of dropping bottles requires careful handling and proper technique to ensure accuracy and precision. The bottle should be held vertically, and the dropper should be compressed gently and released slowly to prevent splashing or over-dispensing of the liquid. The bottle should also be labeled properly to prevent confusion or misidentification of the liquid.

Dropping bottles come in different sizes and shapes, to fit different experimental requirements. They can be made of different types of glass or plastic, depending on the chemical properties of the liquid or the solvent used. Dropping bottles are a convenient and efficient tool for dispensing small volumes of liquid in laboratory settings and are commonly used in conjunction with other laboratory equipment, such as burettes, pipettes, or microscopes.