Digital Trinocular Observation Head

Digital Trinocular Observation Head

Catalogue No. -15058


A digital trinocular observation head is a laboratory instrument used in microscopy to provide a trinocular viewing experience for the user, and also to capture digital images and videos of the observed specimen. The trinocular observation head consists of three eyepieces, with the third eyepiece dedicated to a digital camera.

The camera captures digital images and videos of the specimen, which can be displayed on a monitor or saved for future analysis. The digital trinocular observation head typically has a diopter adjustment to correct for differences in the user’s eyesight, and may also have an adjustable inclination angle for greater comfort during use.

It is commonly used in research and clinical laboratories for a variety of applications, including histology, pathology, and microbiology. The digital trinocular observation head provides a more advanced and versatile viewing experience compared to traditional binocular or monocular observation heads, and also allows for convenient digital documentation of the observed specimen.