Digital Infrared Moisture Balance

Digital Infrared Moisture Balance

Catalogue No. – 13106
This determines the moisture content of a wide range of materials by the dry and weight method. In a significant improvement over heat lamps, this model uses a unique IR BULB for faster heating. It has an inbuilt
software that controls the rate of heating and does all the calculations that are relevant on wet basis or dry basis. [table “13106” not found /]

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A digital infrared moisture balance is a laboratory instrument used to determine the moisture content of a sample by measuring its weight before and after heating it to remove moisture. It uses infrared radiation to heat the sample and a precision balance to measure the weight of the sample before and after heating.

The instrument consists of a heating chamber with a built-in infrared heater, a sample holder, and a balance. The sample is placed in the holder and the weight is measured before it is heated. The instrument then heats the sample using infrared radiation, and the moisture evaporates and is removed from the chamber. After the sample has been heated for a set amount of time, the balance measures the weight of the sample again, and the difference between the two weights is used to calculate the moisture content.

Digital infrared moisture balances are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries to determine the moisture content of a wide range of samples, such as powders, granules, and liquids. They are also used in environmental testing to determine the moisture content of soil and other materials.