Moisture Balance

Moisture Balance

Catalogue No. – 13102
A basic method for determination of moisture content, measure moisture percentage by weight and drying simultaneously. Infra-red
radiation is reflected by a bulb. [table “13102” not found /]

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A moisture balance is a laboratory instrument used to determine the moisture content of a sample by measuring the weight loss of the sample as it is heated. The balance typically consists of a heating chamber, a balance, and a digital display screen.

The sample is placed on the balance and heated in the chamber until all the moisture is evaporated. As the moisture evaporates, the weight of the sample decreases and is measured by the balance. The moisture content of the sample is calculated by comparing the weight of the sample before and after heating.

Moisture balances are commonly used in various industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, and construction. They are useful for quality control, product development, and research purposes, as they provide accurate and precise measurements of moisture content. Moisture balances may also have additional features such as temperature control, data storage, and data analysis software.