Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

Catalogue No. – 13101
Microcontroller based Universal type, with rugged mechanical construction, accurate moisture content is direct readable on 3 digit
L.E.D. display. [table “13101” not found /]

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A moisture meter is a device used to measure the amount of moisture or water content in various materials such as wood, concrete, and drywall. Moisture meters work by using a variety of methods, including electrical resistance, capacitance, and conductivity, to determine the moisture content of the material being measured.

Moisture meters are commonly used in industries such as construction, woodworking, and agriculture, where it is important to monitor the moisture content of materials for quality control purposes. They are also used by homeowners and property managers to detect water damage and prevent mold growth.

Moisture meters may have different types of probes or sensors depending on the material being measured. Some moisture meters also have additional features such as temperature compensation, data storage, and data analysis software. Overall, moisture meters are an important tool for accurately measuring and monitoring moisture content in various materials.