Density Cubes – Box

Density Cubes – Box

Density Cubes are a set of 12 same-size cubes of different materials used to compare the density and other physical properties.


A wooden density cube box is a laboratory tool used to study density and buoyancy of various materials. It consists of a wooden box with precisely cut slots that can hold a set of small cubes made from different materials, each with a known density.

To use a wooden density cube box, the cubes are inserted into the slots, and the box is weighed to determine the total mass. The box is then submerged in water, and the volume of water displaced is measured using a graduated cylinder or other measuring device. This allows the calculation of the density of the box and the individual density of each cube.

Wooden density cube boxes are often used in physics and chemistry education to teach students about the principles of density, buoyancy, and the Archimedes principle. They are also used in research and development to test the properties of various materials and to design materials with specific densities.