Tuning Fork Box

Tuning Fork Box

Tuning Fork set of 8 in a wooden case. Tuning forks are individually constructed of forget steel.


A wooden tuning fork box is a laboratory tool used for storing and transporting tuning forks, which are musical instruments that produce a pure tone when struck. It consists of a rectangular wooden box with a padded interior that is designed to hold one or more tuning forks securely in place.

To use a wooden tuning fork box, a tuning fork is placed in the box and secured in place with padding to prevent it from moving or being damaged during transportation. The box is then closed and can be easily transported to different locations, such as classrooms, laboratories, or performance venues.

Wooden tuning fork boxes are often used in physics and music education to teach students about sound waves and musical tones. Tuning forks are also used in medical settings to test hearing and diagnose hearing disorders.