Crystallizing Dish with spout

Crystallizing Dish with spout

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A crystallizing dish with spout is a type of laboratory glassware used for growing and observing crystals. It is typically made of clear glass or plastic and has a flat bottom with a slightly raised rim and a spout for pouring.

The flat bottom of the dish provides a stable platform for growing crystals, while the slightly raised rim helps prevent spillage. The spout allows for easy pouring of the liquid solution used to grow the crystals, and it also makes it easier to transfer the crystals to another container or surface for further observation or analysis.

Crystallizing dishes with spouts come in various sizes, typically ranging from a few centimeters to several inches in diameter, and are often marked with volume graduations for accurate measurement. They are commonly used in chemistry and materials science research to grow and study crystals, as well as in educational settings for teaching about crystal growth and properties.