Set 46 BU Organic Chemistry Kit

Set 46 BU Organic Chemistry Kit

This set contains 11 glassware components of 19/26 ground joint. Housed in die cut foam lined box. Consists of : 1 Dropping funnel, 100 ml. 1 Air leak / steam inlet tube 1 Liebig condenser 1 Receiver adapter 1 Stopper 1 Flask, round bottom, 250 ml. 1 Cone / screwcap adapter 1 Still head 1 Flask, pear-shaped 100 ml. 1 Filter Funnel, 24 mm dia , perforated plate 1 Flask, buchner, 100 ml.


A Set 46 BU Organic Chemistry Kit is a collection of laboratory equipment and chemicals used in organic chemistry experiments and procedures. It typically includes glassware such as flasks, test tubes, and pipettes, as well as chemicals such as solvents, reagents, and indicators.

The exact contents of the kit can vary, but it is typically designed to support a wide range of experiments in the field of organic chemistry.

The “46 BU” designation may refer to a specific set of experiments or procedures that the kit is intended to support. Organic chemistry kits are commonly used in undergraduate and high school chemistry education, as well as in research laboratories.