Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporator,’Universal Diagonal’

Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporator,’Universal Diagonal’

a complete working unit consists of single face non sparking geared drive unit 220V, support stand fitted with jack arrangement on stainless steel rod for positioning glass assembly, a variable speed regulator, thermostatically controlled stainless steel water bath fitted on a special rack & pinion jack system. Double coiled glass condenser with 3 opening for vacuum and cooling. Clear shaped evaporating glass capacity 800ml., receiver flask capacity 1 ltr. with a ball joint, feeding tube with Teflon pipe extension and vapour path tube.

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A rotary vacuum film evaporator, also known as a “Universal Diagonal” type, is a laboratory instrument used to concentrate or remove solvents from a sample. It works by applying a vacuum to a rotating flask containing the sample, causing the solvent to evaporate and be removed from the sample.

The solvent vapor is condensed and collected in a separate flask. The rotary motion of the flask helps to create a uniform film of the sample on the walls of the flask, which enhances the evaporation rate and ensures efficient removal of the solvent. The “Universal Diagonal” design refers to the shape of the condenser, which is mounted at an angle to the flask to maximize the surface area for condensation.

Rotary vacuum film evaporators are commonly used in chemical and pharmaceutical research, as well as in the preparation of samples for analysis. They are particularly useful for removing solvents from large volumes of solution or for concentrating solutions to a smaller volume.