Cryo Vial-Internal Thread

Cryo Vial-Internal Thread

Adding to the existing range of Cryo Vials is this vial which has internal thread in it. The cap fitted with an O-ring screws in to the vial and makes it a leakproof Cryo Vial. These vials are provided with white, prominent graduations and a long marking area for sample identification. Material: Polypropylene

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12068/012.0 ml500 Pcs.

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A cryo vial with internal threads is a type of laboratory storage container used for the preservation of biological or chemical samples at low temperatures. The internal thread design of the vial provides a secure and leak-proof seal, making it suitable for use in cryogenic storage applications.

Cryo vials with internal threads are typically made from high-quality polypropylene (PP) or polycarbonate (PC) materials, which are able to withstand the extreme temperatures required for cryogenic storage. They come in a variety of sizes and capacities and may have features such as labeling areas or external graduations for easy sample measurement.

The internal thread design of cryo vials allows for the use of screw-on caps, which provide a secure seal and prevent sample evaporation. Some cryo vials with internal threads may also be designed to be used with specialized cryogenic stoppers, which further enhance the sealing capabilities of the vial.

Cryo vials with internal threads are widely used in a variety of laboratory applications, including biobanking, tissue preservation, and sample storage for downstream analysis. They are an essential tool for scientists and researchers who need to store samples at low temperatures for extended periods of time.