Centrifuge Medico

Centrifuge Medico

Catalogue No. – 19086
swing out rotor head with five step speed regulator, operates on 220-
240V AC, 50Hz, maximum RPM 3600

Catalogue No.Capacity ml


A centrifuge medico is a laboratory instrument used to separate materials of different densities by subjecting them to high-speed rotation. It is typically used in medical and clinical laboratories to separate blood components, such as red blood cells and plasma, for analysis and diagnosis.

The centrifuge medico consists of a motorized base that houses a rotor, which spins at high speeds to generate the centrifugal force required for separation. The rotor typically has a variety of tube holders, which can accommodate different sizes and types of centrifuge tubes, including conical bottom, flat bottom, and microcentrifuge tubes.

To use the centrifuge medico, the sample is placed in a centrifuge tube and inserted into the appropriate tube holder on the rotor. The rotor is then spun at high speeds, causing the heavier materials to move to the bottom of the tube and the lighter materials to move to the top. The separated components can then be easily extracted for further analysis.

Centrifuge medico is an essential piece of laboratory equipment for medical and clinical applications. It is used in a wide range of procedures, including blood analysis, DNA extraction, and cell culture. The centrifuge medico provides a fast and efficient method for separating materials of different densities, allowing for accurate and precise analysis of samples.