M31 GEO Board (Junior ) Double sided

M31 GEO Board (Junior ) Double sided

Catalogue No. – 19255
Sturdy board with square pin array on one side and circular pins fitted on other side, supplied with rubber bands. [table “19255” not found /]


M31 GEO Board (Junior) Double Sided is a type of educational tool or equipment used in teaching geography and other related subjects. It is a two-sided board that can be used to display maps, charts, illustrations, and other types of information.

The M31 GEO Board (Junior) Double Sided is a smaller version of a larger geographical board, designed for use in schools or educational institutions. It is double-sided, which allows for the display of information on both sides. The board is typically made of durable materials and features a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.

The board is used in a variety of educational settings, such as geography classes, history classes, and social studies classes, to help students understand and learn about geographical concepts and information. The board can be used for demonstration purposes, for students to present their own work, or for group discussions.

The M31 GEO Board (Junior) Double Sided is a useful tool for teachers and students, providing a visual and interactive way to learn about geography and related subjects. It can help students to better understand and retain information, and can also be a valuable resource for review and assessment purposes.