With lip and flat porcelain handle, glazed inside and out except for rim and top of handle

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Catalog No Capacity (ml)
P-105 25
P-302 35
P-106 65
P-303 85
P-304 120
P-107 140
P-108 200
P-306 300
P-307 400
P-109 500
P-110 760
P-111 1250


The Porcelain Lab Casserole is a laboratory tool used for heating, boiling, and mixing substances in laboratory settings. It is a cylindrical or round-shaped container with a flat bottom and straight sides, made of porcelain material that is heat-resistant and chemically inert.

The casserole is designed to withstand high temperatures and is commonly used in chemistry, biology, and other scientific laboratories. It is used for processes such as heating liquids, preparing solutions, and performing chemical reactions. The flat bottom of the casserole allows for even heating and prevents the sample from tipping over. The straight sides make it easy to stir the sample and ensure that the contents do not splash out during the process.

The porcelain material of the casserole is easy to clean and is resistant to chemical reactions, making it a durable and long-lasting laboratory tool. The Porcelain Lab Casserole is a useful tool for students, teachers, and researchers who require a reliable container for heating and mixing substances in the laboratory.