Buchner Funnel with Thick Stem

Buchner Funnel with Thick Stem

Buchner Funnel with Thin Stem

BUCHNER FUNNEL with thin Stem, fixed perforated plate, glazed inside and out except for rim.

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Buchner Funnel with Thick Stem
Catalog Number Top Dia (mm) For Filter Paper Use (mm)
19412/01 35 27
19412/02 50 40
19412/03 60 50
19412/04 75 70
19412/05 100 90
19412/06 125 110
19412/07 130 115
19412/08 150 130
19412/09 200 175
19412/10 250 230
19412/11 275 240
19412/12 300 260
19412/13 350 320
19412/14 400 360

The Lab Buchner Funnel with Thick Stem is a laboratory tool used for vacuum filtration. It consists of a funnel-shaped glass container with a thick stem at the bottom, which is used to connect to a vacuum pump. The stem also has small holes that allow the air to escape and enable the liquid to flow through.

The funnel is designed to hold a filter paper, which is used to separate the solid from the liquid. The Buchner Funnel is commonly used in chemistry and biology laboratories for processes such as separating precipitates from liquids, extracting crystals from solutions, and isolating bacteria from liquids.

The thick stem design of the Buchner Funnel allows for efficient filtration and makes it a durable and long-lasting laboratory tool. It is a useful tool for students, researchers, and professionals who work with liquids and require efficient filtration methods.