Breeding Nest For Flies

Breeding Nest For Flies

Catalogue No. – 17034
Teakwood frame finished in spirit polish. 4mm thick glass on top and fine wire mesh on three sides. Front with 13cm rounded opening in the
center with black cloth sleeve. On the right side, a plumbic pipe is fitted for
the collection of flies. Size 45x45x45 cm. [table “17034” not found /]


A breeding nest for flies is a container designed to facilitate the breeding of flies in a laboratory setting. The nest is typically made of clear plastic or glass and is designed to allow for the observation of the flies during the breeding process.

The breeding nest may have multiple compartments, each containing a food source and a breeding medium such as damp paper towels or sawdust. Female flies are attracted to the breeding medium and will lay their eggs on it. The eggs then hatch into larvae, which feed on the food source and develop into adult flies.

Breeding nests for flies may also include features such as lids or mesh coverings to prevent the flies from escaping while allowing for adequate ventilation. These nests are commonly used in research on fly behavior, genetics, and physiology. They may also be used in the production of flies for various purposes, such as biological control of pests or as a food source for other animals.