Botanical Vasculum

Botanical Vasculum

Catalogue No. – 17033
For collection of botanical specimens from field. Made of 22 SWG
aluminium sheet. Handle and adjustable shoulder strap provided for easy
handling. Exterior well painted and interior provided with 2mm cork
sheet. [table “17033” not found /]

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A botanical vasculum is a container used for collecting and transporting plant specimens in the field of botany. The vasculum is typically a cylindrical or rectangular metal container with a tight-fitting lid and a handle for carrying. The inside of the vasculum may be lined with felt or other materials to cushion and protect the specimens during transport.

Botanical vasculums are designed to maintain the freshness and integrity of the plant specimens collected in the field. They are often used by botanists, ecologists, and other researchers who study plant biodiversity, taxonomy, and ecology. The specimens collected in the vasculum are typically taken back to a laboratory for further analysis, including identification, classification, and study of their morphological and genetic characteristics. Botanical vasculums are an important tool for the documentation and preservation of plant diversity, as well as for the advancement of botanical research.