Beehive Shelves

Beehive Shelves

Beehive Shelves

All glazed except bottom and top rim.

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Beehive Shelves
Catalog Number Top Diameter (mm)
19426/01 60
19426/02 75
19426/03 85
19426/04 100

Porcelain beehive shelves are laboratory accessories used to support glassware and other containers during experiments. They are typically made of porcelain, a type of ceramic material that is able to withstand high temperatures and chemical corrosion.

The beehive shelves have a curved shape that is reminiscent of a beehive, with a raised center and sloping sides. They are designed to provide a stable and elevated platform for glassware and other containers, allowing for easier access and minimizing the risk of breakage.

Beehive shelves are commonly used in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and other laboratory applications where the support of glassware and other containers is required. The porcelain construction of the beehive shelves provides durability and resistance to chemical corrosion, making them a cost-effective solution for laboratory support.