3D Model Of Octahedron

3D Model Of Octahedron

Catalogue No. – 19256
Construction as M-41. Eight equal triangular faces. [table “19256” not found /]


The Lab 3D Model of Octahedron is a physical representation of an octahedron, which is a three-dimensional shape with eight faces, each of which is an equilateral triangle. The model is typically made of plastic, wood, or other durable materials and is used for teaching and learning purposes in mathematics, physics, and engineering.

The model is a visual aid that helps students understand the properties of the octahedron, such as its faces, vertices, and edges. It is also used to demonstrate how the octahedron can be constructed using geometric shapes and formulas. The Lab 3D Model of Octahedron comes in various sizes and can be used by students of different ages and skill levels.

The model is a useful tool for teachers and educators who want to make geometry and math lessons more interactive and engaging for their students. It is also a helpful aid for researchers and professionals who work with geometric shapes and structures in their work.