Beaker is a flat bottom cylindrical container that comes in several sizes. Beakers are provided with a spout at its top rim for easy pouring. Its can be both graduated and non graduated, can be of different material like borosilicate glass, PP, TPX, etc.

Uses of a Beaker in a Laboratory :

  1. Holding liquids – helps in easy containment of a liquid as a preferable containment vessel during an experiment.
  2. Containing a chemical reaction – can be used to contain a chemical reaction while mixing two or more chemicals for an experiment in a wide mouth, flat bottom container.
  3. Measuring liquids – graduated beakers are marked with easy to read volume marks for effortless measurement.
  4. Heating liquids – a flat base cylindrical form of a beaker of Boro 3.3 glass is also used for heating the liquids on bunsen burners, heating plates, etc.
  5. Stirring or Mixing Liquids – wide mouth cylindrical form of a beaker is easy to use the container for mixing or stirring liquids and preparing the liquid solution.

Beaker Materials:

  1. Borosilicate Glass – Beakers manufactured from borosilicate low expansion glass are the most commonly used type of beakers with various advantageous properties to be used in any laboratory-like low thermal expansion coefficient, chemical resistant, transparency, etc,
  2. Polypropylene (PP) – these beakers offer good clarity, high chemical resistance, and are autoclavable. They can be both graduated or non graduated. Tapered spout at its rim offers efficient pouring.
  3. Stainless Steel / Aluminum – These beakers are not as commonly used as Glass or Plastic Beakers.

Types of Beakers offered by MEDILAB:

Beakers and Bottles (MEDILAB):


General Laboratory Glassware is the core requirement for any Scientific Laboratory. It includes Beakers, Bottles, Filteration Funnels, Sintered Glassware, Petri Dishes etc.

All these components of Laboratory Glassware are commonly used for storage of chemicals or specimens, measurements., filtration or mixing the solutions while carrying out a scientific experiment.

MEDILAB offers a wide variety of laboratory glassware made from high-grade borosilicate 3.3 glass, amber colour glassware, and heavy-walled lab glassware.

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