Vortex Shaker

Vortex Shaker

Catalogue No. – 17045
Test Tube Shaker, vibration type, variable speed, vortex genie short rapid eccentric stroke and motor driven. Neoprene cap imparts vigorous
agitation to tube or small flasks. [table “17045” not found /]


A vortex shaker is a laboratory instrument used to mix small volumes of liquids or solutions in test tubes, vials, or other containers. The shaker consists of a motorized platform that vibrates rapidly and a rubber cup or pad attached to the platform that holds the sample container in place.

To use the vortex shaker, the sample container is placed into the rubber cup or pad, and the platform is turned on. The rapid vibrating motion of the platform creates a vortex or whirlpool effect, which causes the liquid or solution to mix rapidly and uniformly.

Vortex shakers are commonly used in biological and chemical laboratories for a variety of applications such as mixing reagents, suspending cells, and dissolving solids. They are also useful for preparing samples for analysis, such as for DNA extraction or protein purification.

Vortex shakers come in a range of sizes and types, from simple manual models to more advanced automated shakers that can control the speed and intensity of mixing. The shaker is an essential tool for researchers, scientists, and technicians working in fields such as molecular biology, biochemistry, and pharmacology, where precise and efficient mixing is critical for experimental success.