Catalogue No.ParticularsPacking
12154/0160 mm
12154/0212.5 mm


A lab syphon, also known as a siphon, is a device used to transfer liquid from one container to another. It consists of a tube that is placed into a container of liquid, with one end positioned lower than the other. When the end in the liquid is lower than the end outside of the container, a flow of liquid will occur due to gravity, which can be directed into another container.

In a laboratory setting, syphons are commonly used to transfer liquids from one container to another without spilling or splashing. They are known for their ease of use and versatility and are often made of plastic material that is resistant to chemical corrosion and degradation.

Lab syphons provide a cost-effective solution for transferring liquids in laboratory experiments and are widely used in a range of scientific research and educational applications.