Steam Distillation Assembly

Steam Distillation Assembly

consists of flask R.B. 500ml, steam distillation head, leibig condenser 350mm and receiver adapter


A steam distillation assembly is a laboratory device used to separate and purify volatile compounds from a mixture. It consists of a distillation flask, a condenser, and a collection flask. The mixture is heated in the distillation flask, causing the volatile compounds to vaporize and mix with the steam.

The steam and vaporized compounds then pass through the condenser, where they condense back into a liquid. The condensed liquid is collected in the collection flask and the different compounds can be separated based on their boiling points.

Steam distillation is commonly used to extract essential oils from plants, purify organic compounds, and isolate compounds from complex mixtures. The steam distillation assembly is an essential tool in the field of chemistry and is commonly used in both academic research and industrial applications.