Adapter, Splash Heads, Straight

Adapter, Splash Heads, Straight

Adapter Splash Heads Straight is used for the separation of drops directly onto distillation flasks. Material used Borosilicate 3.3.

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An adapter is a device that allows two pieces of equipment to be connected together, even if they have different sizes or shapes.

A splash head is a type of showerhead that sprays water in a wide, circular pattern.

An adapter with a straight splash head refers to a laboratory glassware component that combines the functions of an adapter and a splash head. The adapter part of the device allows for the connection of two pieces of glassware with different joint sizes, while the straight splash head provides a way to dispense liquids in a controlled manner.

The straight splash head helps to prevent splashing and minimize contamination during distillation and other chemical processes. This type of adapter is useful in situations where it is important to have precise control over the flow of liquids.