Retort Stand Base made from mild steel sheet. Bent From all sides center hole on the smaller side. Powder-coated heavy base. Available sizes:-
A 6 X 4
B 8 X 5
C 9 X 6
D 10X6
E 11 X 6

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A retort stand M.S. sheet is a laboratory apparatus that provides a stable and adjustable platform to support various pieces of laboratory equipment during experiments. The stand is made of mild steel sheet metal and typically consists of a rectangular base with a vertical rod attached to it.

The vertical rod can be adjusted to different heights using a threaded clamp or knob, and various accessories, such as clamps, rings, and holders, can be attached to the rod to support laboratory equipment, such as flasks, beakers, and test tubes.

The M.S. sheet metal construction provides strength and durability, making it suitable for use in a laboratory setting. Retort stands are commonly used in chemistry and biology experiments to hold equipment in place, allowing for precise measurements and observations.