Rectangular Tray

Rectangular Tray

Rectangular Tray
99.7% Alumina Tray, Rectangular, unglazed. Max. use temp. 1750 °C. These trays are ideal for chemists, metallurgists, and others who are involved in high-temperature work and need contamination-free results.

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Catalog No Capacity (mm)
P-817 5
P-820 10
P-821 15
P-822 25
P-823 25
P-824 30
P-825 80
P-826 80
P-827 100
P-828 100
P-829 130
P-830 130
P-831 140
P-832 160
P-833 225
P-834 240
P-835 250
P-836 340
P-837 1000


A porcelain rectangular tray is a type of laboratory tray that is made of porcelain. It has a rectangular shape and raised edges to prevent spillage of samples and materials. Porcelain is a durable and heat-resistant material that can withstand high temperatures and harsh chemicals, making it a popular choice for laboratory equipment.

Porcelain rectangular trays are commonly used in laboratory settings for a variety of purposes, including transporting equipment and supplies, holding and mixing samples, and performing experiments. They can be used to carry test tubes, beakers, pipettes, and other small laboratory items, making it easy to transport and organize materials.

Porcelain rectangular trays come in different sizes and can be used for different applications. Larger trays can hold more equipment and samples, while smaller trays are more portable and can be used for more specialized applications. They are also easy to clean and can be sterilized using standard laboratory procedures.

Overall, porcelain rectangular trays are an essential laboratory tool for transporting and organizing materials, allowing for efficient and safe laboratory work. They are a durable and long-lasting investment for any laboratory setting.