Receiver Adapters, Bend with vent

Receiver Adapters, Bend with vent

MEDILAB Receiver Adapters, Bend is transparent and white in color. they are used in schools and laboratories. The material used is Borosilicate 3.3.

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A receiver adapter, bend with vent, is a type of laboratory glassware accessory used to connect a receiver flask to a condenser or other glassware component. It consists of a bent tube with a socket at one end that fits onto the neck of the receiver flask and a cone at the other end that fits into the joint of the condenser or other component.

The adapter also includes a vent, usually a small glass tube, that allows gases to escape during the experiment. The bent design of the adapter allows for a more ergonomic and flexible setup, making it easier to access and manipulate the components. The receiver adapter, bend with vent, is commonly used in chemical experiments, especially in the areas of distillation and reflux, where it is important to have a secure and leak-proof connection.

The adapter ensures a tight seal between the glassware components, minimizing the risk of leakage or contamination during the experiment, while the vent allows the safe release of gases during the experiment.