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Power Supply For Electrophoresis Experiment Model

Power Supply For Electrophoresis Experiment Model

Catalogue No. – 13018
Stabilized power supply having range 0-300 V current 100mA. With two
deluxe meters continuous working, suitable for electrophoresis apparatus. [table “13018” not found /]

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A power supply for electrophoresis experiment model is a laboratory instrument that provides a constant and precise electrical current to run gel electrophoresis experiments.

Electrophoresis is a technique used to separate and analyze biological molecules, such as DNA and proteins, based on their size and charge. In gel electrophoresis, samples are loaded onto a gel matrix and an electrical current is applied, causing the samples to migrate through the gel matrix based on their charge and size.

The power supply for electrophoresis experiment model typically consists of a transformer, rectifier, and voltage regulator circuitry, housed in a compact metal case with knobs and switches for adjusting the voltage and current settings. The display screen shows the voltage and current output in real-time.

This type of power supply is specifically designed for electrophoresis experiments, providing a constant current to prevent overheating and damage to the gel matrix. They are commonly used in molecular biology and biochemistry research laboratories and educational institutions for running experiments and analyzing biological samples.