Pinch Clamp

Pinch Clamp

ON/OFF Ratcher clamp fits 5mm to 9.5mm OD tubing Material: PP Autoclavable. Pinch clamps are typically used on miniature tubing applications which are not subject to much pressure or forces.

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A lab plastic pinch clamp is a type of pinch clamp specifically designed for laboratory use. It is typically made of plastic material that is resistant to chemical corrosion and degradation, making it suitable for use in various laboratory applications.

These clamps are commonly used to secure and regulate the flow of liquids, gases, or other materials in laboratory settings. They provide a simple and reliable solution for connecting hoses and tubing in laboratory setups and are known for their ease of use and convenience.

Lab plastic pinch clamps are also often reusable, making them a cost-effective solution for laboratory applications.