Petri Dish, Sterile

Petri Dish, Sterile

These transparent, ready to use, disposable Petri Dishes are made of optically clear, non-toxic, Polystyrene. These Petri Dishes packed individually in polyethylene bags are sterilized by radiation. Material : Polystyrene

Catalogue No.SizePacking
12079/0150 mm36 Pcs.
12079/0275 mm36 Pcs.
12079/03100 mm36 Pcs.
12079/04125 mm12 Pcs.
12079/05150 mm12 Pcs.

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A sterile Petri dish is a circular, shallow, lidded dish that is used in microbiology and cell culture to grow microorganisms or cell cultures. The dish consists of two parts: a bottom portion that provides a surface for growth and a lid that covers and protects the culture.

The Petri dish is made of a material, such as plastic or glass, that is suitable for laboratory use and is sterilized to eliminate any existing microorganisms. Sterilization is an important step in ensuring that the growth environment is pure and free of contaminants that could affect the results of the experiment.

Petri dishes are commonly used in a variety of laboratory settings, including medical, industrial, and academic research. They are used to grow bacteria, yeast, fungi, and other microorganisms, and to perform studies on the growth, metabolism, and other properties of these organisms.

In a laboratory setting, Petri dishes are typically stored in a sterile environment and handled with gloves to avoid contamination of the cultures. They are also commonly incubated in a warm and humid environment to promote growth of the microorganisms or cells.