It is Z in a square shape with both protecting arms having plane mirrors mounted at 45 degrees facing each other.


A wooden periscope is a laboratory accessory that is used to observe or measure objects that are difficult to see directly. It consists of a wooden box with two mirrors angled at 45 degrees, allowing light to reflect from the object being observed to the viewer’s eye. The wooden material is non-reactive, making it ideal for use in chemistry labs, and it can withstand high temperatures and harsh chemicals.

Periscopes are used in a variety of scientific fields, including chemistry, physics, and biology. In a laboratory setting, they can be used to observe reactions occurring in test tubes or to measure the level of liquid in a container that is not easily accessible.

Wooden periscopes are preferred over plastic or metal periscopes in some instances because they do not interfere with the chemical reactions taking place in the lab. They are also more environmentally friendly, as wood is a renewable resource.

After use, wooden periscopes can be easily cleaned and disinfected for reuse. They are commonly used in scientific laboratories, medical facilities, and educational settings.