Organ Pipe

Organ Pipe

Catalogue No. – 16305
made of polished wood.

Catalogue No.Weight
16305/02with glass front
16305/03with Piston


An organ pipe is a musical instrument and physics laboratory apparatus that produces sound through the vibration of air. It consists of a long tube made of metal or wood, which is open at one end and closed at the other. When air is blown into the pipe, it vibrates and produces a sound wave.

Organ pipes are commonly used in physics and engineering laboratories to study the properties of sound waves and resonant frequencies. By changing the length or shape of the pipe, the frequency of the sound produced can be varied, and the effects of resonance can be observed and measured.

Organ pipes are also used in music, particularly in the construction of pipe organs. They are typically classified into two types: flue pipes and reed pipes. Flue pipes produce sound through the vibration of a column of air within the pipe, while reed pipes use a vibrating reed to produce sound.