Mass Hangers

Mass Hangers

Catalogue No. – 16006
Individual, Polished Brass

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Mass hangers are laboratory apparatus used in physics experiments to suspend masses from a support system or balance. They consist of a small metal hanger, usually made of brass or aluminum, with a hook or loop at one end for attaching weights.

Mass hangers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the specific application. Some mass hangers have multiple hooks or loops, allowing for the attachment of multiple weights or for suspension from different angles. Others may have a built-in leveling bubble or other features for increased precision.

To use a mass hanger, weights are attached to the hook or loop at one end and suspended from a balance or support system. The weight of the attached mass can be determined by measuring the force exerted on the hanger.

Mass hangers are commonly used in physics experiments that involve measuring mass and determining the effects of gravity or other forces on objects. They are also used in educational settings to teach students about weight, mass, and measurement.