Digital Vernier Caliper

Digital Vernier Caliper

It is used to measure internal and external distances extremely accurately.


A digital vernier caliper is a measuring tool used in engineering, manufacturing, and scientific applications to accurately measure the distance between two opposing surfaces. It consists of a metal frame with a slider that moves along a main scale, and a vernier scale that is used to provide more precise measurements.

Digital vernier calipers provide a high level of accuracy and precision, as they have a digital readout display that shows the measurement in either millimeters or inches. The digital display also allows for easy and quick reading of the measurements without the need for additional calculations or conversions.

The jaws of the digital vernier caliper can be used to measure the outside diameter of an object, the inside diameter of a hole, the depth of a groove or a step, and the distance between two opposing surfaces. The digital vernier caliper is ideal for use in applications where precise measurements are critical, such as in engineering, machining, and scientific research.

Digital vernier calipers are widely used in many industries, and their accuracy and precision make them an essential tool for professionals in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, and science. They are easy to use and provide reliable measurements, making them an important tool for ensuring quality and precision in a wide range of applications.