Multiple Adapter, Three Necks

Multiple Adapter, Three Necks

Multiple Adapters, three necks, two parallel and one at 45°

  • Three similar necks, two parallel, one at 45° & one cone at bot tom
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Multiple adapters, three necks, is a type of laboratory glassware accessory used to connect three pieces of glassware to a single joint. It consists of three sockets or cones, arranged around a central joint, that fit onto or into the joints of the glassware components. The multiple adapters allow three glassware components to be connected to a single joint, allowing for versatility and flexibility in laboratory setups.

This type of adapter is commonly used in chemical experiments, especially in the areas of distillation and reflux, where it is important to have a secure and leak-proof connection. The multiple adapters ensure a tight seal between the glassware components, minimizing the risk of leakage or contamination during the experiment.

The three-neck design of the multiple adapters allows for the integration of three glassware components into a single setup, making it a useful tool for laboratory professionals.