Mohr’s Clip

Mohr’s Clip

Catalogue No. – 19030
Mild Steel, Nickle plated

Mohr’s clip is a compression Spring Clamp with rounded edges designed to control the flow of gasses or liquids through flexible tubes.


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Mohr’s clip, also known as Mohr’s balance, is a laboratory apparatus used to measure the strength of a material by subjecting it to a tensile force. It consists of two arms, each with a small clip at one end, which are connected by a thin metal wire or strip.

The material to be tested is clamped between the two clips, and weights are added to one of the arms until the wire or strip is stretched to its breaking point. The maximum weight that can be added before the wire or strip breaks is used to calculate the tensile strength of the material.

Mohr’s clip is commonly used in materials testing and engineering research to determine the properties of various materials, such as metals, plastics, and fibers.