Microprocessor Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Microprocessor Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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A microprocessor dissolved oxygen meter is a device used to measure the concentration of dissolved oxygen in a liquid sample. Dissolved oxygen is an important parameter in environmental monitoring, water treatment, and aquaculture, as it can affect the growth and survival of aquatic organisms.

Microprocessor dissolved oxygen meters typically consist of a probe that is inserted into the liquid sample, a microprocessor unit, and a display screen. The probe contains a sensor that measures the amount of dissolved oxygen in the sample. The microprocessor unit processes the sensor data and converts it into a dissolved oxygen value, which is displayed on the screen.

Some microprocessor dissolved oxygen meters may also have additional features, such as automatic temperature compensation, data logging capabilities, and the ability to measure other parameters such as pH and conductivity.

Regular calibration and maintenance of microprocessor dissolved oxygen meters is important to ensure accurate and reliable measurements. Calibration involves comparing the dissolved oxygen meter readings to a known standard and making adjustments if necessary.